About Us

Amarald Co. offers a unique fashion experience for apple watch users by making them feel confident, bold and ready for anything. We bring refinement and innovative style by introducing elegance to their functional wrist wear.

Our mission is to elevate the primary need of more than just protecting their smart devices. We aim to function as decorating your devices and making it more visible among others. Thus, making them look twice. It is the pleasure of beautifying, the desire to want something new and the symbolic value held in our band image, quality and design.

Luxury watches are statement pieces, smart watches are functional pieces, Amarald Co. brings the convergence of both a statement piece and functional piece together. We combine both fashionable and functional wrist wear providing users an optimum experience of owning one.

Amarald Co. is suitable for a wide array of occasions to wear, for a formal event, for your professional workspace, for a date night out or for a sports activity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine the world’s most cutting-edge technology with a timeless sense of style and elegance for your wrist wear.

This has resulted in our design team to produce a timeless case for apple watch users. Prestegious and unique, Amarald cases are suitable for all types of occasions, be it going to a formal or non formal event, attending a business meeting or for an outdoor activity. 

Utilizing the same production and cutting methods similar to Swiss watch industry, our products are made with highest quality selected. 

Made from carving and cutting out from 316L stainless steel block to give shape. Finally finishing off with hand polish on surfaces by master craftsman.

Elegance, comfort, perfection everything customized specially for you. Marked with a unique seriel number, each Amarald case designs are limited to 999 pieces worldwide only.